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How can I get these cookies I’ve heard so much about? 

Omg so many ways! Come see us at the store (20 Cherokee Blvd Ste 124), get our goodies delivered to your door with Grubhub, Doordash, or UberEats

What are your hours? 

We’re currently open 8am to 8pm Monday through Saturday and 10am to 6pm on Sundays to assess our traffic patterns. We’ll give you a heads-up if we change our hours. 

Do you cater? 

Of course! While it’s fairly easy to pick up cookies for whatever event you have in mind, we can also deliver and set up the cookies for you. Please call us to discuss the scope of your event and how we can be a part of it! (423) 271-5752

Do you do decorated sugar cookies? 

We leave the decorating to you! We offer several different flavors of icing for you to dip, spread, and enjoy. When it comes to Instagram-worthy-royal-icing-custom-cookies, we leave that to bakers with way more time than us. 

Do you have smaller cookies? 

Why? Do you have a small mouth? 🤔 We are able to do smaller cookies for select catering events, but we generally encourage full-size sharing because we hear that is caring. 

Do you deliver? 

We are currently set up with Grubhub, Doordash, and Postmates. Any of those third-party delivery apps can take care of your cookie cravings (during business hours). 

Are your cookies served warm? 

We prefer cooled-down cookies because it allows all the flavors and textures to come through in each bite! What you do in your own home with your own microwave is none of our business, though. 

Do you accept Apple Pay? 

Yes, friend! Just tap it! 

Are you hiring? 

Probably! Call the store or check out our social media to see if we’ve put out a call for more fabulous team members. 

We want to collab with you! Where do we go? 

Oh fun!! Shoot us an email at or call the store to be put in touch with a manager or owner. 

Do you have vegan/gluten free/sugar free options? 

We now have a chocolate chip vegan cookie and it's AMAZING! Available on the weekends and by special order (1 dozen minimum) during the week. 

For all you gluten-free cookie monsters, stay tuned. It's coming! 


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